Josh Bornfield.jpg

Joshua Bornfield

Posture (soprano and percussion)

6 minutes


Griffin Candey

Love Song for Henry VIII (soprano and percussion)

Poetry by Anastasia Pennington-Flax

Commissioned by Mélange, 7 minutes


Carolyn Chen

Cut White (soprano and percussion)

Poetry by Ban Jieyu, translated by Carolyn Chen

Commissioned by Mélange, 7 minutes 


Anthony Donofrio.jpg

Anthony Donofrio

Canto II (soprano and percussion)

Text by Dante

9 minutes

Daniel Felsenfeld.jpg

Daniel Felsenfeld

The Law Falls Silent (for unaccompanied voice)

Texts by Emma Lazarus, Thomas Paine, and Ralph Waldo Emerson

6 minutes

-¬LisaCzech-MHpromo-4947 hi res (1).jpg

Heather Gilligan

Finer Points (soprano and percussion)

Poetry by Lisa De Siro

Commissioned by Margot Rood, 8 minutes


Forthcoming piece, TBA, November 2018

Drew Baker.jpg

Drew Baker

Forthcoming piece, TBA, April 2018

Commissioned by Mélange